As one of the strongest symbols of the moroccan culture, tea occupies a special place in everyday’s life. For more than 3 centuries, tea stood out as a strong symbol that embodies values such as sharing, hospitality and generosity, values that characterize the best the moroccan culture.

Known for its many health benefits, tea can be savoured by all. Its serving often encompasses a unique ceremony, a way to show respect to such a real heritage.

Today, a new phase in the history of tea is taking place. Tradition and modernity meet to give birth to the first morocan ice tea.


“I am very honored to present you KAYA TEA, the new moroccan ice tea brand.

The idea of creating KAYA TEA has come to me a few years ago when I was still pursuing my studies in hotel management in Canada. It is in that country, in which the ice tea consumption is wery high, that a sort of « why not » has crossed my mind.

The natural tastes and vegetal extracts used in KAYA TEA find their origins in the authentic recipe of the traditional moroccan tea. Tea being traditionally drunk hot in Morocco, I wanted to have it discovered in an other way of it that totally breaks with its usual cultural code. I wanted them to discover the refreshing vertue of tea that is hidden behing this unique recipe.

To the world, I wanted, through KAYA TEA, to show the wonderful treasures that Morocco had to offer. KAYA TEA finds in fact its origins in the moroccan culture and ancestral heritage. The moroccan tea is known internationally for its unique taste and many visit Morocco and stay nostalgic of the moroccan tea once they re back home.

For all, I wanted a high quality product, with a unique taste, and in which only the best of the ingredients could find a place. A tea that provides health, pleasure ans nutrition.

The achievement of those ambitious objectives has taken more than 2 years of research and development. It is then with that feeling of pride that I present you today KAYA TEA and its 4 different flavors.

Today this « why not » has become a reality and the story has just begun”.

Ismael Khayatey

Fresh Mint

KayaTea Fresh Mint

Exciting Cherry

KayaTea Exciting Cherry

Juicy Lemon

KayaTea Juicy Lemon

Appetizing Nectarine

KayaTea Appetizing Nectarine